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CurioCity for Educators

Free, curriculum-based, classroom-ready resources on a variety of STEM related issues in English and French

Are you looking for reliable, interesting resources and projects that make STEM relevant for Grade 8-12 students? Join CurioCity by Let’s Talk Science and access free resources and an online community. Registering is simple!

Leaders in STEM Learning

We’ve created a community of leading STEM and education experts.

CurioCity by Let’s Talk Science provides a wealth of interesting, accurate and credible information created by volunteer STEM post-secondary students, educators, researchers and industry professionals. All of our content is reviewed by STEM content experts and a journalistic editor before it's posted to CurioCity to ensure accuracy and high standards. The educator resources available through CurioCity are developed and/or reviewed by Let’s Talk Science Education Specialists, who are qualified educators with a deep understanding of Canada's education systems and the latest pedagogy.

Engaging and Practical Resources

Make STEM engaging, relevant and interesting for your students. Explore and access practical, curriculum-aligned classroom resources like learning strategies, starting points, case studies, action project resources and timeline guides. Login or register for full access to all of our free educator resources.

Learning Strategies

Developed by education experts and organized by critical thinking, collaboration, comprehension and creativity skills, learning strategies can be used with CurioCity articles, videos, and timelines as well as with your own learning resources.

Case Studies

Case studies are in-depth investigations that help students develop critical thinking skills as they assess, analyze and evaluate the impact of science and technology-related issues on society and the environment.

Starting Points

Starting Points are designed to provide suggestions for how to use CurioCity content in the classroom to engage students with science and technology topics. Starting Points provide thought-provoking questions about the content in a variety of categories, and connect the content to learning strategies and other educator resources that are available on CurioCity.

Action Projects

CurioCity action projects are designed for use in classrooms or with larger groups. Action projects include curriculum-aligned classroom-ready resources and encourage students to get involved in  crowd-sourced data collection projects that make STEM relevant in their everyday lives.

Timeline Guides

CurioCity timelines demonstrate how developments in certain science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields have impacted Canadian society and showcase Canadian innovations in those fields. The timeline guides provide flexible support for teachers who use the timelines while addressing specific curriculum content.

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Connecting to Curriculum

See how CurioCity resources connect to STEM curricula across Canada

Click on a jurisdiction by name to see curriculum connections organized at the cluster/curriculum organizer/strand/unit level for specific grades and courses.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list, and we will be updating and adding grades and courses regularly. If you have a specific request for curriculum connections, please contact us.

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CurioCity is a one-stop shop for teachers. It’s a go to for science issues and science education. For science, technology, society and the environment, it’s all about making connections to the real world. CurioCity is designed to make those connections, to take the content, the core skills, the knowledge and understanding, and connect it to those issues.”

Julie Vander Meij Teacher, David and Mary Thomson Collegiate, Scarborough, ON

“The students enjoyed DNA Day. They loved seeing their questions being answered and it generated a lot of good discussion in our class.”

Sara Doucette Teacher, St. Lewis Academy, St. Lewis, NL

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