Mars Startup School Mission

4 October 2017

We believe our students have the experience and creativity to create a better education system for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) learning. As we create colonies on Mars we will need new schools. This gives us a unique opportunity to reimagine school from the ground up. It is up to you to design the components of the new Mars Startup School.

Designing a new education system is not an easy task, so we created a series of five workbooks to help you through the Challenge. These workbooks provide some ideas and structure to get you started but it is your creativity that will bring you to success on this challenge. Good luck on this mission!

Student Guide

Facilitator Guide

Let’s Talk Science is pleased to be the presenting partner in Canada 2067 - an initiative that will contribute to the future of STEM learning in Canada and shape the future of Canadian youth.


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