Student: Sarah
Medium: Mixed media collage

Sarah explains the creative side: 
My art is a composition, mixed media, abstract sculpture. I made collages on canvases with modge podge. Once my collages were dry, I melted crayon wax over top of them to represent the different hormones pouring through your body. I also found a super cool not working polaroid i’m going to use to represent the brain and the lens as the eyes.

Sarah explains the scientific side: 
The brain is the control center of your body and tells the body what to do and when to do it. It is a very hard worker so I wanted to portray it as the hard worker it is by using bold and strong colour. To be more specific I wanted to show what’s going on in your brain during stressful situations. The blue part of the brain represents the prefrontal cortex; this part of the brain deciphers whether to fight or flight when a bad situation erupts. Once that has been decided hormones are sent out from the frontal cortex which is represented by the colour green. I also wanted to portray the way your brain reacts to happy or good situations. Depending on the situation different hormones get sent through your body to tell the body what to do. For example if you see a dangerous person with a gun running towards you the brain will send hormones like cortisol and epinephrine that help you run away.


The Creative Science initiative takes place as a partnership between the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Vancouver area High Schools. The initiative challenges students to create an artistic product illustrating concepts associated with their biology curriculum.

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