Saskatchewan Curriculum - Health Science Science 20: Diagnostics and Treatment

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6 May 2015

Addressing Saskatchewan's Health Science 20: Diagnostics and Treatment Unit with CurioCity Educator Resources

Saskatchewan’s Health Science 20 Program of Studies (2015) includes a Unit on Diagnostics and Treatment. The following CurioCity educator resources can help you address outcomes from that Unit:

Case Studies

Andre's Case: Diabetes and Stem Cells

Published on 17/10/2014 - Education Services
Explore the science and issues surrounding diabetes and the future potential of stem cell therapy in Andre's Case (update of 2011 version).

Articles with Starting Points

Angelina’s choice: A double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer

Published on 17/05/2013 - By Laura Brown
What is your reaction to this decision by Angelina Jolie? Was the risk great enough to warrant the preventative surgeries?

Celiac disease: When you really need to stay gluten-free

Published on 11/02/2014 - By Kate Williams
For many people, eating food that contains gluten leads to a range of gastrointestinal problems, the most severe of which are caused by a condition called celiac disease.

Education Services / L’équipe des services d’éducation

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