Saskatchewan Curriculum - Health Science Science 20: Human Body

Addressing Saskatchewan's Health Science 20: Human Body Unit with CurioCity Educator Resources

Saskatchewan’s Health Science 20 Program of Studies (2015) includes a Unit on the Human Body. The following CurioCity educator resources can help you address outcomes from that Unit:

Articles with Starting Points

Your Athletic DNA?!

Published on 21/03/2012 - By Derek van Pel
What if you could take a medical test that would tell you what sports you might be best suited for?

Outbreak: The Ebola virus

Published on 19/08/2014 - By Kelly Resmer
Imagine an infection that causes you to bleed from every opening in your body - nose, ears, eyes, and even from the pores on your skin!

Will MERS be another SARS? What have we learned?

Published on 21/06/2013 - By Laura Brown
First there was SARS. Now there is MERS. What have we learned since the SARS epidemic to protect us?

Why Exercising Feels Sooooo Good!

Published on 21/09/2006 - By CurioCity
Exercise has many physiological (e.g., physical) and psychological (e.g., mental) effects that can improve mood as well as relieve stress, increase self-esteem, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Let's take a closer look.

Hope for Food Allergy Sufferers

Published on 22/01/2013 - By Sophia Akl
There is currently no cure for food allergies. But some promising treatments, including immunotherapy, are being studied.

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