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Participants in the Energy4Travel Action Project will become aware of the energy consumed just about every day that is often taken for granted - the energy consumed getting us from place to place!

As citizen scientists, students will be able collect data about their personal transportation usage and then compare data with classmates and others across Canada.

The Energy4Travel Action Project is suitable for classes in grades 8-12 as well as school clubs, after-school programs, home-schoolers and non-school organizations such as church groups, Scouts Canada, etc., who work with youth ages 13-18. There is no cost to participate and only internet access is required (the project is also available on mobile devices). Groups can join and participate in the project at any time.

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Participating in Energy4Travel

Join Project

Group Leaders / Educators

  1. Register for CurioCity and/or Login to your existing account.
  2. As a registered CurioCity educator or volunteer, go to Join Project to join Energy4Travel and create groups. 
  3. Invite participants to join your group by providing them with a group code available on the My Project Page.

Group Participants / Students

  1. Register for CurioCity and/or Login to your existing account.
  2. As a registered CurioCity user, you can join the project by going to the My Project page and using the group code provided by the group leader.


Group Leaders / Educators

Group Participants / Students

My Project

Manage your project, make groups, and make announcements Join groups and view announcements

Data Collection

Post announcements about data collection on the My Project page. Collect data about trips taken and enter it into a database on the data collection page.

View, Analyze and Compare Data

View data entered by your group members and compare with yourselves and other Canadians. View personal or group data and compare with yourselves and other Canadians.

Project Resources

Lesson Plans for Group Leaders

Choose from a variety of lesson plans that best suit your needs! In addition to collecting their personal transportation data and learning about energy consumption, you can also implement optional lessons in:

Intermediate Science & TechnologySenior Chemistry & Technology Environmental Science Grade 8-9 Mathematics Project

Energy4Travel Curriculum Connections

Special Guests

Amy Castell

Amy Castell is from Waterloo, Ontario and a driver in the Toyo Tires Ontario F1600 Championship. After racing four-cycle karts for three years, Amy made her debut in the Toyo Tires open-wheel race car competition in 2012 at age 16. Her 2013 and 2014 races earned her the Muriel Knapp Award.

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Barenaked Ladies

During 2013, beloved Canadian band Barenaked Ladies, along with musical friends Ben Folds Five and Guster, made large efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of their Last Summer on Earth tour.

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Compare Data Across Canada

Even if you’re not a member of the Energy4Travel Action Project, you can view & compare data between groups across Canada.

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