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City Bus

The Energy4Travel Action Project is a national citizen science data collection project.

As citizen scientists, students will be able to individually collect data about their personal transportation usage and then compare their data with their classmates and other students across Canada.

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Energy 101

Niagara Falls

Energy makes things happen - without it the universe would not exist. Learn about how energy is stored, transferred and transformed.

Learn the Basics About Energy

Energy Systems


Power Plant

How do energy systems impact society, the economy and the environment? Learn more about how to think critically and make informed decisions about energy systems.

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Sources of energy are everywhere!

Learn about energy exploration and production
After we have sources, we need to move the energy.
power lines


Moving energy from here to there is a big job!

Learn about energy transmission
After we move the energy, we consume it.
city lights at night


We use energy every day.

Learn about using and conserving energy

Educator Resources

transporting oil pipes

Moving Oil Case Study

In this case study, students will analyze visual images, compare information to determine a position and complete structured research to create viable arguments to support their point of view as which is the best method for moving oil.

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train carrying oil

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Pollution Probe

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