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About the Project

Dates: Test inquiry starting Spring 2017, Full pilot beginning Fall 2017

Location: Across Canada

Project Type: Data Collection

Grade Level: Grade 8-12 Biology, Earth & Space Science

Tomatosphere™ is a program that uses the excitement of space exploration to teach the skills and processes of scientific experimentation and inquiry. Participating classrooms compare the germination rate of tomato seeds which have been exposed to space or a space-like environment with a control set of seeds. The 2016 tomato seeds spent five weeks on board the International Space Station in April and May 2015 before returning to Earth on board SpaceX’s Dragon capsule. More details and registration information can be found on the Tomatosphere™ website or in this flyer.


Many educators extend the Tomatosphere™ investigation in their classroom by doing further inquiries related to the plants. CurioCity will be supporting Grade 8-12 educators by offering a citizen science Action Project involving their Tomatosphere™ plants. This project will enable classes across Canada to do the same inquiry and have a common place to share and compare their data.

If you are currently participating in Tomatosphere™ we encourage you to do this simple inquiry to help us test the plans for the upcoming Action Project.

We would like to gather some data on the lighting for your plants as we are considering photosynthesis for the project. This data will be compiled and shared with everyone who responds to the questions below.

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