One Giant Leap for Mankind

Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. Now, decades later, we know even more about space! In celebration of this historic event, we've compiled CurioCity's top resources on space exploration.

1) The Falcon Has Landed

Imagine having to buy a new car every time you took a trip! That’s what travelling into space is like now, but things are beginning to change. (3:37 min.)

2) Earth's Moon

The first satellite to orbit Earth was launched 4.5 billion years ago!

3) Robert Thirsk - Former CSA Astronaut

I trained for and flew on two space missions: STS-78 space shuttle mission in 1996 and ISS Expedition 20/21 in 2009

4) Chris Hadfield Mission Reflections

Before returning to Earth, Chris Hadfield recorded this video reflecting on his experiences in space and what he's looking forward to when he comes home.

5) Objects of the Solar System

You’d never guess there was a liquid ocean out there. Or weather. Or a Death Star.

6) The Grand Tour: The Historic Voyager Missions

Lorne catches us up on Curiosity & delves back into the history of the Voyager missions in our latest Lorne's Lens!

7) Astronomy 101: How to Explore

Learn the various ways that we explore Space around us through this Sky Science backgrounders

8) Could We Actually Live on Mars? - Mari Fourutan

There's a lot of talk these days about when and how we might all move to Mars. But what would it actually be like to live there? (4:29 min.)

9) The International Space Station

Did you know there’s a spaceship in orbit above the Earth larger than 5 NHL hockey rinks put together?

10) Space Exploration: A Brief History

Get a general overview of the history of Space Exploration in this Sky Science 101 Backgrounder!

Victoria Gluch


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