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31 August 2016

Learn about careers and how they relate to STEM by exploring exciting career areas.

Did you know that 70% of the top jobs in Canada require some form of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education? Some of the careers that require a background in STEM are pretty obvious (e.g., health and medical professionals, engineers, scientists), but many are not (e.g., journalists, welders, computer animators, estheticians, chefs). Lots of students limit their future career opportunities by opting out of STEM courses and programs while still in high school because they are not aware of the wide variety of exciting careers that require STEM. This CurioCity resource is designed to showcase STEM-based careers – both the obvious and the not so obvious. No matter what a person’s post graduation plans are, there is a STEM career that would be a perfect fit!

Step Inside Your STEM Career

Working in a Motion Capture Studio

A Virtual Reality Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a helicopter? Or work underground in a mine? Then grab your virtual reality viewers and step inside these exciting STEM careers.

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Explore Careers by Interests

Educator Resources

The careers resource section provides educators – STEM teachers, subject teachers, and Career teachers – with the tools to help them take students from their initial thinking about careers (i.e., what subjects they like, the type of post-secondary education they are interested in, the general career sectors they may have an interest in, etc.) to a deeper understanding of the variety of careers available and how previous training, on-the-job education opportunities, and personal interests, and a lifelong-learning philosophy, both advance and expand one’s career prospects.

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