Online STEM career panels

Presented by Let’s Talk Science

February 15 and 23, 2017

Today, more than 70% of Canada’s leading jobs require or benefit from a background in STEM (science, technology, engineering & math). And the number only goes up with each passing year.

Does that sound like a lot? Well, the range of careers open to people with STEM backgrounds is wider than you might think. And STEM careers aren’t limited to people who wear lab coats with pocket protectors (not that there’s anything wrong with that)! They also include a variety of opportunities in the skilled trades and technology. There are also many careers in the fields like business, law, sales and the arts that benefit from a solid STEM background.

Your students can learn more by attending our online STEM career panels! We will be holding a series of three online events in both English and French. Panellists from across Canada will talk about their interesting STEM-based careers and answer your students’ questions. If your class can’t participate in the live events, videos will be posted on CurioCity afterwards.

How to participate

The panels will be streamed live on this page. Just come back on the dates and times indicated below to watch. Recordings will also be posted on CurioCity for those who cannot watch the live event.

Your class can submit questions for the panellists using this form or by sending an email to Please remember to put “Online STEM Career Panel” in the subject line and include the following information in the body with your question(s):

  • Your Name
  • Email
  • School
  • Province
  • Grade(s)
  • Which event you plan to watch
  • How you heard about the event

You can submit questions before or during the panel discussion, but questions received beforehand will have a better chance of being answered during the live event. We will have panelists or other professionals record video answers to questions that don’t get asked during the live event and post the answers on CurioCity.

Dates, times and panellists

Nous présentons également une table ronde en français le 15 février. De plus amples informations seront disponibles sous peu.

Panel 1: February 15 at 9:30 am Eastern Time

Panel 2: February 23 at noon Eastern Time (9:00 am Pacific Time)

  • Anissa Agah is a technology entrepreneur who studied computer science and mathematics at university. She is a founder of Verably, an online platform that allows organizations to engage their members for social change.
  • Oliver Al-Janaby works as an engineer at Graham, a construction company with offices in Canada and the United States.
  • Chase Oliver is service manager at Prairie Sky RV. He works with other skilled tradespeople to maintain and repair recreational vehicles.
    Click here to read Chase’s career profile on CurioCity

We hope you enjoyed learning about this great STEM career! The information in this career profile was provided by this individual especially for CurioCity. We hope it helped give you a sense of what this type of job is really like.

Let’s Talk Science is pleased to provide you with this information as you explore future career options. Many careers require a background in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Even jobs that don’t use specific STEM concepts on a day-to-day basis benefit from the skills gained through a study of STEM. People with a STEM background are very much in demand by employers across all career sectors. If you would like to learn about more careers that have a STEM connection, visit

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