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April 25, 2017
9 to 10 am and 1 to 2 pm (Eastern Time)

Do you teach junior high or high school students? Help them understand the importance of DNA barcoding and synthetic biology for food security and health research by participating in these DNA Day events.

These DNA Day panels are presented by Let's Talk Science in collaboration with Ontario Genomics and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.

Each panel will feature genomics experts who will discuss their research and answer student questions.

Panel 1: DNA Barcoding and Food Security

Presented in collaboration with the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario

9-10 am (Eastern Time)

Panel 2: Synthetic Biology

Presented in collaboration with Ontario Genomics

1-2 pm (Eastern Time)

  • Jordan Thomson (moderator) —Manager of Strategic Planning, Ontario Genomics
  • Justin Pahara and Julie Legault — Amino Labs
  • Katariina Jaenes — iGem
  • Mark Poznansky — CEO, Ontario Genomics

Synthetic Biology can help cure diseases

Synthetic Biology in Agriculture in Ontario

Synthetic Biology for a better environment in Ontario

Synthetic Biology to revolutionize big data in Ontario

Synthetic Biology for a healthier Ontario


Parlons sciences présente également une table ronde en français dans le cadre du Jour de l'ADN, en collaboration avec Génome Québec. Cliquez ici pour de plus amples informations.

How to participate

Watch live

The discussions will be streamed live on this page, at the times indicated above.

Recordings will also be posted here for those who cannot watch the live event.

Ask questions

Questions can be submitted before or during the panel discussions, but questions received beforehand will have a better chance of being answered during the live event.

Your students can submit questions using this online form.

Your class can also email questions to educators@explorecuriocity.org. Please use “DNA Day 2017 questions” as your subject line and provide the following information in addition to your question:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The name of your school and the province where it is located
  • The grade level of your class
  • Which discussion you plan to watch
  • How you heard about the event

For more information

Please send your comments and questions to educators@explorecuriocity.org.


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Let's Talk Science is proud to offer educational activities in the context of DNA Day.

Parlons sciences est fier d'offrir des activités pédagogiques dans le cadre du Jour de l'ADN.

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