Hannah Lee - Associate Director, Strategic Marketing, STEMCELL Technologies

Hannah Lee

Associate Director, Strategic Marketing, STEMCELL Technologies

I was born in: Ottawa, ON

I was grew up in: Edmonton, AB

I now live in: Vancouver, BC

I completed my training/education at: BSc: University of Alberta, Honors Microbiology
PhD: University of Toronto, Immunology

Describe what you do at work.

I work in a biotechnology company, STEMCELL Technologies. This company creates a variety of materials and tools that are used in life science research.  My job is to make sure the best products are developed, manufactured, marketed and delivered to scientific researchers. I work with many people and departments within the company. This includes everyone, from scientists and engineers who decide on what a new product must be able to do, to our graphic designers to discuss how to best advertise the product. Due to the diversity and vast scope of my job, I work in partnership with many people.  This helps ensure that we all achieve our goals and priorities in a timely and effective manner.

A lot of the things I do in my job make use of STEM skills. Many of the projects that I’m involved with require quick troubleshooting and problem-solving. This requires me to think creatively to develop solutions to unique problems. It is important for me to be open-minded and flexible to gather information from different sources and people. This helps me make decisions that are based on the data I have. These are all skills that I have developed during my time in graduate school as these skills are required to solve the numerous complicated problems on the lab bench.

When I was a student I enjoyed:

How does your job affect people’s lives?

My job is fulfilling to me because I am lucky enough to be in a position in which I can see how a product that I have assisted on the development, management, and marketing has made a positive-impact on researchers and the scientific community. This helps them make discoveries that make people’s lives better.

What motivates you in your career?

I am motivated at work for numerous reasons. A reason I find my career so interesting is the diversity of the job. I enjoy the new problems and challenges that I face on an everyday basis as this provides me opportunity to learn and further my knowledge in many business and scientific areas. But the main reason I am motivated in my career is that I am excited about science and the fantastic discoveries that are taking place to improve people’s lives. My job at STEMCELL Technologies allows me to be part of the scientific community to learn about these interesting areas of life science research and determine what methods or products can help further these discoveries.

When I was a student, I would have described myself as someone who:

Describe your career path to this career.

I knew in high school I wanted a career in the life sciences. I was always interested in biology. Therefore, in my undergraduate years, I worked in numerous research labs which lead to me doing my PhD in the area of immunology. But during graduate school, I wanted to help bring discoveries from the bench to the community. This is what led me to my job at STEMCELL Technologies in which I assist in providing tools and products to scientists in order for them to make their discoveries that better people’s lives.

What activities do you like to do outside of work?

I am fortunate to live in a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and ocean. Therefore, I enjoy running and hiking to relax and take in the wonderful outdoors.

What advice or encouragement would you give others seeking a similar career?

I would suggest being open to different opportunities that you might face. Also be open when you run into difficulties and challenges. It is through the hardships that you learn the most and find the most fulfilling in a career.

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