Vubble has come to CurioCity / CurioCité! (français)

At Let’s Talk Science we understand the importance of video content for use in STEM classrooms. Videos are used to provide background information, demonstrate concepts in ways not possible with other media, and make links to real life.

To improve our offerings, and increase the variety of videos available on CurioCity, Let’s Talk Science has partnered with the exciting video curating service, Vubble, to curate a Let’s Talk Science video channel featuring top quality short-form videos on current STEM topics.

This channel is updated daily with fresh, topical content that we think you and your students will find interesting and useful.

We also recognize that teachers have come to trust us that the videos in on CurioCity are reviewed to ensure they are appropriate to use in a classroom setting. Vubble will continue to ensure that CurioCity is a safe, trusted source of videos for use in the junior and senior high classroom.

In addition, to ensure videos are appropriate, Vubble videos also come with a “credibility meter” (think of it as a “nutrition label” for video content). This provides an overall trustworthiness score for each video. In an age of “fake news” such a score is another way to help you ensure that the resources you are using are appropriate for your classroom.

The credibility meter score is calculated using five criteria: identification of the sources of information presented, use of citations/data that supports claims made in the video, control of bias and emotional language, the overall quality of the presentation, and the author’s credibility. Each of these five criteria are given an individual score and incorporated into an overall credibility score that will help you decide where this video is appropriate for your intended uses.

Some things you should know:

  • This channel is still in the beta testing phase. As a result the “Save” feature is not working properly.
  • As this is in beta testing phase, were are interested in hearing from you of what you like and what you would like to see added or improved. See the link on Vubble channel page.
  • The channel opens on the “science” tab. This contains all the videos collected to date. You can jump from tab to tab to explore video content under each subject area.
  • The search feature only identifies videos found within the tab.


This is content has that been provided for use on the CurioCity website.