Bindu Suri - Reporter/Anchor

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28 May 2018

Bindu Suri

Reporter/Anchor Global TV

I was born/grew up in: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

I now live in: Calgary, Alberta Canada

I completed my training/education at: BSc, University of Alberta. Then I attended SAIT, where I took the Broadcast News program which includes a practicum at a news station. The internship is extremely valuable. It was my first hand introduction at the daily operations of a newsroom. It taught me much of what I know.

Describe what you do at work.

There are scheduled meetings each morning to discuss story ideas. We then spend the day researching stories of interest and making phone calls to connect with the appropriate people to help us tell those stories. As reporters we work with photographers to collect video and conduct interviews and then write the final copy. Our editors help us put the story together to air on the 6pm news. We are always solving problems as we have daily deadlines and must write an accurate and complete story each and every day. I am in constant communication with many colleagues including managers, producers, photographers and editors.

When I was a student I enjoyed:

How does your job affect people’s lives?

I love telling people's stories! I find it extremely rewarding at the end of the day. I hope people feel something or learn something from each story I tell. I hope people are better informed because of what we broadcast.

What motivates you in your career?

We get to do something different every day. I have the opportunity to meet a variety of people from all walks of life.

When I was a student, I would have described myself as someone who:

Describe your career path to this career.

When I graduated high school I went to university and completed a BSc in biological science. But I always dreamed of being in television news. After I completed the BSc I went to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Here I completed a two-year diploma program in Broadcast News. I've travelled to different cities to gain experience and get where I am today.

What activities do you like to do outside of work?

I love spending time with my family! I love being a mom to my 3 year old daughter.

What advice or encouragement would you give others seeking a similar career?

Do it for the right reasons. It's not a glamorous job and it's a lot of hard work.

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