Research Profile

Thank you for volunteering!

Canadian youth need role models like you to help them understand the wide range of research being done in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Your profile will help some students discover career paths in the field. Others will gain a better understanding of the importance of scientific research for the quality of life of all citizens.

What’s Involved?

Please complete the following questionnaire and carefully read the important information at the end of the document.

Keep in mind that you’re writing for teens who probably aren’t familiar with the details of your work. Try to avoid jargon and specialized terms (or explain them clearly). As much as possible, write in short, evocative sentences that will help youth picture what you’re talking about.

Are there any other options?

Click here to download the questionnaire in MS Word format and complete it offline.

Or we can arrange for someone to interview you. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact us at


Final steps

Once we receive your profile, we may suggest edits for clarity and readability. However, you will have an opportunity to review and approved the final version before it is published. We will also let you know where and when it has been published.


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