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Action Projects

A variety of citizen science and data collection projects are available to engage students in real life science. Educator resources are available to support your participation. Currently we are featuring our Energy4Travel national action project.

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Working in collaboration with a team of staff editors, volunteer authors publish short articles that highlight how STEM is relevant to teens’ lives and futures. A range of professionals and post-secondary students share their passion for science in ways your students can relate to.

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Want to learn more about a certain topic? Dig deeper with these short primers, which feature in-depth information about selected topics.

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Career Profiles

Learn about a wide range of careers that use STEM skills and knowledge from people who love what they do for a living. Among other things, learn about their career pathways, what motivates them and why their jobs are important to others.

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Find out what’s happening near you. Learn about events and activities sponsored by Let’s Talk Science that will interest your students. From national events like Stem Cell Talks and DNA Day to local initiatives, you will find them here.

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Educator Resources

Looking for curriculum-aligned resources to enhance your teaching of various STEM topics? Find learning strategies to focus and engage students, case studies on controversial topics, starting points that make STSE (science, technology, society and environment) connections, and more with CurioCity’s educator resources.

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Hot Topics

Find out about the STEM behind some of the latest news, or do a ‘deep dive’ into selected topics. You’ll find background information, articles, videos, educator resources and more, all related to topics you’ll find in the headlines as well as the curriculum.

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Research Profiles

Learn about cutting-edge science and technology research. Get a glimpse into the life of a researcher, the work they do, and research opportunities that your students may want to pursue as a career.

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Student Projects

If your students are involved in STEM-related projects, they can feature their work and talk about how it’s relevant to them and their peers.

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Sourced from a variety of providers and reviewed to ensure suitability for classroom use, these videos will help you make STSE (science, technology, society and environment) connections that will show your students why science matters!

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Q & A

Read and watch leaders in STEM fields answer student questions. Participate in live Q&A events like DNA Day or find out what other CurioCity users have been asking.

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